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As a highly regarded designer and retail observer, John MacDonald is continually tracking the behaviour and direction of the emerging consumer.

He brings his client extensive brand development experience and the ability to interpret the demands of the customer and create a profitable and harmonising shopping experience.

Avoiding the often intimidating and costly techniques of a typical marketing consultant, Design Environments adopt a role of Coach, sharing experiences, proven techniques, and giving, on the most effective way to utilise your current assets.

By offering strategy to help clients to live their brand promise through presentation and service, Design Environments help bring about a fresh paradigm for shopping.

Creativity and innovation plays an essential role in the establishment of a strategy for a unique client identity. To be successful however, the innovative must be practical, affordable and able to be easily integrated into the retail environment, so consideration of what is achievable is a key element of the brand creation process.

Too often the message to entice the customer to go shopping isn't delivered instore, either by the offer, employees or surroundings.

It is as simple as Design Environments critiquing your independent store or chain, identify improvements needed and prioritise changes and developing the project scope of works.

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